Still on social distancing meaning a lot of indoors. Therefore, I have found myself scouring for informative content(real estate mostly) to watch

Formally known as Nairobi Royal National Park, the park in the city has once again been a trending topic on Kenya twitter

 Well, well, here we are, another post. Months into this pandemic and I am seriously getting the cabin fever. Are you? Let

Land Matrix Country Profile Land remains one of the most discussed issues in Kenya. Even more, Land acquisitions either driven by foreign

On May 16th 2020 just like most Kenyans, I learned about the Kariobangi forced evictions through twitter. My friend and I had

At 4 am we arrive at the local markets! It was a pleasure to have this young farmer to share his experience

From Editor’s desk How did we LAND here though???To most of you, it might feel like a ghost has been writing, but

Defenders of land and environment rights of the environment and the land confront increasing dangers all around the world. Defenders are still being criminalized and exposed to violent attacks, including murder, in an environment where civil society's operational area is decreasing. In 2019 the global witness recorded over 200 deaths of these selfless people in one year.

June 2-3 2021 Global landscape Forum(GLF) held a digital conference themed: Restoring Africa's Drylands. Landpages participated in plenary session discussion on Whose land is it anyway? An intergenerational dialogue exploring solutions to land tenure challenges.

On April 27, 2021, Ardhisasa the new digital land information management system was unveiled. This was the beginning of a new era

Land! One of the most coveted resources globally but more so in the African cultures. In Africa, for instance, access to, use,

Land Registration Kenya adopted a National Land Policy in 2009 after over ten years of consultation and debate. It provided a blueprint

Country : Ethiopia Area :1,104,300km2 (426,373 sq. mi) Population: 114,963,588 A landlocked country at the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is one of

Lately, I have been thinking a lot along the lines of students’ accommodation. What do you make of such as a parent,

It is estimated that by the end of apartheid, about 60000 white settlers controlled 86% of South Africa’s farmland. This is about

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