Is land important to the Youth?

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Land and Youth;Questionnaire responses

The responses were recorded in a video

A while ago Landpages ( out a questionnaire through google forms. This was with regards to land Youth. Thank you for your feedback. This video, therefore, puts all those responses together. The respondents were between the age of 22-38years.

Youth is an important group in any population demography. They are energetic and contribute to economic development in the society. Youth empowerment is vital in realizing the full potential of this group.

The land is a factor of production and all have rights to access to it. The youth however in most communities can only access land through the elders or wait for inheritance. The economic disadvantage, especially in developing countries, restrains young adults from affording land or property. Most rely on family land or inheritance. The survey showed most young people rent out spaces.Which also highlighted they experience tenure insecurities.

Looking at the engagement rate of youth in land affairs, it’s wanting. They are often excluded in decision making on land. Most have acquired education and have knowledge on improving land activities. They, however, lack the opportunity to implement that. At the national level, it is important to engage these young minds in policy formulation on land. Its is an opportunity to make decision and plan about the land they need now and in the future even more.

It is an investment by them for their generation and the ones to come!!

The new wave of youth empowerment and development demands more safe public spaces for the youth to engage with themselves and learn from each other.Urbanization should not take away these critical spaces.The growing cities should offer not just public spaces but also safe ones.

Africa is challenged to not only engage the young men but also include the young women and break the patriarchal systems that have existed for so long. Women access to land and more so, secure land tenure goes beyond feeding the family to economic empowerment and freedom. This plays a considerable role in the elimination of gender-based violence. It is also in the journey to achieving the sustainable development goals (Goals:1,3,5 etc)


Take a break.Lets protect our mental  health during this time.

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