How did we LAND here???

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EditorHow did we LAND here though???To most of you, it might feel like a ghost has been writing, but here I am. A couple of years back I found myself in a critical situation which I had to choose what to do for my undergraduate. What happened to become a doctor Dee? At this particular moment, I leaned towards what I thought was going to be Geography all the way. In my selection, I just went all the way Land administration.


Fast forward to a few months later I was in my first year may be the fifth or six lecture I can’t remember clearly. Here I was writing a term paper on the introduction and history of Land Administration. Talking about Abraham buying a piece to bury his wife(Genesis 23).I remember quoting the Ancient Egyptian Survey, and this one, wait for it!! King William, the doomsday book and the feudal system for taxation. I certainly felt smart about that one. Huh! See

Truly it was an adventurous period. Meanwhile, I was learning more on land rights and tenure systems. Doing comparatives in African countries. I began to view this resource in a different light. Perhaps I’d say, in a deeper way. It’s beautiful how land is sentimental and have different connotations to different groups of people i.e farmers and pastoralist-livelihoods,governments-social identity, traditional institutions-heritage etc. All of these perceptions have different interests.


Interests in resources can compete consequently creating conflicts. Land and conflict is a major interest which I should be sure to write on later. Later, around the final year(fifth year )I had quite a number of thoughts and sentiments. More so on injustices on women’s rights to land. We have an agenda to inform and fight towards achieving equality and economic empowerment of women by granting access and control rights to women.

Recently I have been drawn towards land and climate change. Specifically, on what vulnerabilities and adaptive capacities, we have as a Continent. Are our tenure systems sustainable? The linkages between land governance, policies and climate change Such thoughts. I want to share here.

Finally land and youth! All I need is an open safe space to work out. In addition, the gym is expensive and I can’t take photos in there!!! Ha!Ha! What am I saying ? I champion for safe open spaces accessible to all. We all have a right on this. I strongly feel like we young people don’t dialogue much on land as we should. We need more vibrant engagements in land policy development.

To sum up, how did we get here? We landed here because I wanted to write and tell you all about the land. Our contributions to it and its contributions to us. Tell me yours.

Yours truly


2 thoughts on “How did we LAND here???”

  1. Good write up. Land and Climate is a serious subject. The world generally should look keenly into this topic. I agree with everything here Daktari..


  2. Well written Dee! You have raised very pertinent issues on land and women, climate change, open spaces. Hopefully as a country we can come round to addressing them before it’s too late

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