Register community land to reduce pasture & water conflicts

Current status

Violent conflicts over land and natural resource plague these arid counties during dry seasons. They result mainly from competition for access to pasture and water. Therefore, recognizing and registering community land rights will assist in addressing pasture and water conflicts. Pastoralists Land Tenure System

Community land is predominantly but not limited to the ASAL counties of Kenya and it is the largest category of land ownership. However, there is a higher percentage of unregistered community land than there is, unregistered private or public land.

Community land registration should be prioritized by The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning. Registration unlocks the development potential of most arid and semi-arid land (ASAL) counties.

Community Land Registration

Community land titling improves how stakeholders institute and enforce sustainable natural resources management practices. Such as responsible land use planning and controlled grazing.

Tilting of community land is provided for in the Community Land Act. It is characterized as a time and resource-intensive multi-stakeholder process.

Community Land Meeting  in Samburu
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The community land Act outlines the setup of community Land Titling Taskforce to spearhead land titling. The task-force is inclusive of all the respective ministries, county governments, and communities.

Additionally, the authorities in-charge should ensure adequate financial resources are allocated to the program. Moreover, they should facilitate adjudication activities, hiring of personnel, and general running costs.

Development partners should consider coming on board to assist in supplementing the financial resources provided by the Exchequer. Consequently, they contribute to tenure security and promote investments and infrastructure development.

In the meantime!!

Civil societies and county governments should continue raising community awareness on the provisions of the community Act. Local administration should mobilize adults to get identification cards. There is a requirement for land registration.

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